Our Team

Anuj Rampal, CEO

Anuj is responsible for planning, designing, implementing and monitoring communication strategies for clients. He is an author & founder of Creative Impact Communications. He’s been in marketing communications for over 2 decades and worked on major brands in a variety of areas like consumer insight, retail, education, logistics, and FMCG. Prior to joining Creative Impact as CEO Anuj worked for FedEx Express, Lloyds Banking Group, Harris interactive, Add People & Royal Mail in Manchester.

He grew up in different parts of India thanks to his dad, an army officer. But he spent considerable amount of time in Mumbai, New Delhi and thereafter in London & Manchester. Having worked with leading advertising and media companies in Mumbai, he started his own tiny venture in 1999 with his friend Ravi, goal was to provide consumer insight and marketing services to clients and the result was immediate acceptance by clients. Reliability, commitment and trust, such words always heard or written but his passion is to put them into practice and comply with desired and adequate code of conduct.

He received his MSC in International Creative Advertising & PR from Manchester Metropolitan University, also alumni of University of Bolton where he received his PG degree in Business and HR. He is fellow (Professional) member of both Chartered Institute of Marketing and Chartered institute of Public relations (UK).

Anuj had authored & published a book on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategies to share dividend for stakeholders’ wellbeing) in 2017

Simon Johnson, Creative Consultant

Simon was born and raised in Manchester, the son of a printer/typesetter he has over 15 years of experience working as a Graphic Designer, Typesetter and Layout Designer. He has worked in both a freelance and employed capacity for a number of companies over the past few years.

He is both our creative consultant as well as our resident Professional Photographer. He has a vast array of experience; photographing many weddings, as well as event and corporate photography.

Simon has a passion for modern and functional design, has a creative flair and is constantly trying new ideas, he has a wide range of expertise, and is always developing his knowledge and skill set.

Gurucharan Singh, Account & Business Development Manager

Gurucharan’s role revolves on working alongside clients to develop business and offering as effective, reliable and integrated services as possible for clients. He’s been in advertising & marketing services for over 8 years. Prior to joining Creative Impact, he worked for big brands in India like Jindal, Dainik Jagran and Cyber Media. He has a wide range of expertise in delivering successful advertising strategies and raising brand profiles in the online and offline platforms.

He has Bachelor’s degree in Science from University of Delhi (India).

Apart from exploring different culture and cities, his passion is to integrate and collaborate with different people, nationalities and explore world and he is halfway through in that.

Anureet Phul, Creative Director

Anureet has worked at a variety of PR, publications and media organizations. Prior to joining Creative Impact she worked for Didsbury Magazine as Creative Head in Manchester. She is responsible for planning, designing and creative layouts. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Designs from University of Bolton (UK).She also has expertise in Strategic Communications plans, implementations and team management.

Creativity and vibrancy is the fuel that drives her to achieve desired objectives. In addition, she is lovingly called Queen Bee.

Stewart Frankland, Associate

Stewart worked as marketer for some commercial agencies and his work in PR is well defined by multiplicity. Stewart is responsible for business development, planning and execution. His passion to enhance creativity and inter-personal skills is commendable. After working for commercial theatre for nearly four years he developed his understanding to deal with people with compassion and blend functional and symbolic value in his work. Prior to joining Creative Impact, he worked as freelance marketer for nearly three years.

Stewart holds a degree in Business Management from University of Bolton.

Advisory board

Nitin Tiwari, Media & Publication Advisor

Currently Editor in chief at Creative Gaga Magazine, New Delhi India.

Manoj Kumar, IT Advisor

Currently Consultant at Microsoft Corporation.