At the Creative Impact Communications we will offer superior symbolic, functional and financial value to its stakeholders, be it customers, supplier or employees by providing outstanding services with a commitment to quality that customers and clients have come to expect. Customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market segment. Creative Impact will always strive to develop mutually rewarding relationship with its employees and partners and corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards.



Creative Impact’s values are simply stated as win through teamwork, creativity, embracing diversity, share success, a passion for quality and a can do attitude to live up to these values which eventually enables it to achieve desired objectives. Training, development, retaining the best people, offering the best possible services to its customers and understanding their needs are some of the first and foremost aims in the course of doing business.



Always craving for excellence.


Why choose us

Integrated Services: We exist to offer integrated marketing services to drive your sales, profitability and brand reputation forward, we do that not only to make money at once but to seek long term relationship with clients and do our job rightly as expected by them.

Good customer service and account management: We put our clients at the heart of what we do and believe in long term relationship. Our services are designed to meet by and large all the marketing, PR and advertising needs whatever businesses may require or think of in a very competitive and reasonable price.

Collaboration: We believe in collaborating with clients that offer win-win situation for both to ensure that in the end both of us achieve desired objectives.

Real objective: Our real objective is to help clients achieving their business objectives, because we can only be happy if our clients are happy.

Truly global: Last but not the least; we are a team of qualified, experienced, down to earth and global professionals, who understand international businesses, markets and diverse culture. Therefore, we think, work and behave by keeping one thing in mind that understanding different continents client’s needs and offering solutions as competently as possible to them is what we meant to do. And during this process we stand for ethical and corporate social responsible behaviour that allows us to respect, support and care all the stakeholders in the community.