Social media is changing the way brands communicate

Social media is changing the way brands communicate. The evolution of social media channels has made it easier than ever for people to connect over shared interests. In order to reach customers in today’s social media market place, organizations must join the conversations. The key is to speak with them, not at them. In social media, messages are more customized and personal because the focus is on building relationships. The days of telling customers what to think are over. Instead, brands must listen and respond with a genuine online voice the one that leaves clear information to enable consumers to make a decision. Independent research statistics shows that there is a clear connection between social media engagement and achieving KPIs as brands most engaged in social media marketing saw their profit grow significantly than those that weren’t engaged.

Brands can still share multiple information i.e. corporate social responsibility or even push marketing campaigns, but first they have to establish trust with the communities in which they wish to engage. Without their unspoken permission, efforts will seem pushy, and without a relevant voice, words will sound hollow.

The rise of social media has created new opportunities to tell the brand story to existing and potential customers, and those interested in brands. By managing a single and consistent voice across different social media platform, we encourage organizations to build trust with their customers, loyalty to their brand and eventually confidence in their organizations.

Creative impact is one of the leading social media specialists. It’s one of those things we were created for. We can show you how to use the power of social media marketing to improve the performance of all your digital marketing channels.

Service List

  • Corporate blog
  • Customer engagement and relationship marketing
  • Managing online promotions
  • Social media monitoring

We are based in Manchester City Centre and cover all the areas that are part of Greater Manchester. Our expertise into Social Media Marketing enables us to cater most online marketing needs of Manchester businesses that are operating in the suburbs such as Didsbury, Salford Quays, Sale, Rusholme, Withington, Cheadle, Fallowfield, Ancoat, Stockport, Trafford Park, Wilmslow Road, Altrincham, Bury and Manchester City Centre.

Manchester city is greatly urbanized consisting of a vast business community and home to a diverse multicultural population. We focus more on optimizing Social Media Marketing considering that every business should target its own people / customers living in the city area before targeting others living in other areas of the country.

Benefits of Internet marketing

Following are the benefits of internet marketing:

Benefits How 5 Ss of internet is delivered Typical objectives
Sell – Grow sales Through integration and implementation of various online channels Achieving 15% of sales online in market
Serve – Add value Achieved through giving customers extra benefits online and facilitate two way communication Increase interaction with different content site
Speak – Get closer to customers Creating two way dialogue through web interactions such as forums, surveys and issue based discussions Growing email coverage to 50% and surveying 500 customers online every month
Save – Save costs Achieving through online e mail communications that reduce staff, print and postage costs Increasing web self service enquiries and reduce overall cost to serve by 10%
Sizzle – Extend the brand online Offering new offers and experience online Increasing brand awareness, reach and purchase intentions
Positioning – Evaluation Creating right market positioning through brand management and getting feedback through various consumer insight techniques Increase positive brand perception and building desired market positioning