Blogging is the way to disseminating information through online as it is easy methods of publishing webpages, online journals, diaries and news. Therefore, is one of the most influential tools in order to get connected to markets and its consumers.It is argued that businesses must try establish positive relation with community and its inhabitants if they want to succeed in the market place.

Following attributes benefit companies:

  • Business blogs are very useful in showing the expertise of organisations which help enhance corporate   reputation if managed properly.
  • Social bookmarking help people to share company’s blog at site such as dig, Google, stumble upon and reedit.
  • Blogs can help you reach new customers and to present your business face to existing customers.
  • Blogs are meant to influence wider community that enhance your brand personality.
  • Blogs can engage with customers and offer feedback you to respond to business quarries and knowing what people are saying and social standing of your business.

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