Branding & Brand Management

Brand is the combination of sign, symbol, design and largely people’s perception, intended to identify the goods and services of seller and to differentiate them from those of competition. Therefore, managing a brand means managing people’s perception. In a course of building relationship with consumers, brands play a significant role in signaling a certain product characteristics to consumers in a conducive or not so conducive way.

An obvious question for some organization is why brand or brand identity is important. So the answer is, it is a fundamental characteristic of every organizations simply because if consumers recognize a brand and have some knowledge about it then they do not have to process additional information, rather their awareness and brand belief allow them to lower the search cost and time in a process of making buying decision. Therefore enhancing brand awareness and building brand is paramount task in order to compete efficiently in market place. We believe that every brand should offer functional, symbolic and experiential need of consumers to control brand image and enhance market performance over the time. We offer full range of brand management services to build equity consisting of following:

Service List

  • Brand Identity and enhancing Brand Image and Awareness
  • Corporate Branding and Design Services/packaging
  • Brand positioning and Repositioning
  • Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Identifying who your customers are through consumer insight tracking studies and building an appropriate brand strategy
  • Identifying buying Behavior
  • Digital and traditional consumer PR
  • Brand Audits(Pre and post campaign) applying qualitative and quantitative research techniques
  • Understanding consumer perception in terms of pricing and value propositions
  • And increasing Marketing Communication Effectiveness