About Us

Who we are

Creative impact is a strategic communication agency comprising of a number of services that rolled into one integrated agency. We offer the full range of services that would cater all the services under the term of marketing communications that include: Strategic Marketing, Above The Line, Below The Line and Through The Line advertising, Consumer Insight, Brand Management, Consumer Public Relations and Digital Media Marketing.

In first phase, we launched in 1999 with name called Creative Research Group in Mumbai (India), immediately working with some of the India’s biggest brands. It was always our aim to be the kind of integrated agency that a client wants to work with and one that finds new ways and ideas to engage, excite and build brands.

Who we are

At later stage in Manchester Creative’s founder recognized the huge potential of emerging trends such as digital marketing and new advertising techniques. Therefore, he came up with an idea of a communication agency that could offer all the services under one roof by understanding clients need.

What we do

Every business needs customers and tries offering right kind of value proposition in order to win customers heart and mind to compete effectively in market place. At Creative Impact we offer comprehensive marketing services to help businesses in winning and retaining customers for long term and create loyalty. Our wide ranging services are designed to enable businesses to understand buying behaviour, current trends and characteristics of appropriate value proposition of their products and services. We at Creative’s try and bring customers very close to businesses and make them aware of those businesses’ products and services as to how, when and where they exist. In a way we try and minimize disconnect between businesses and customers by implementing effective communication strategies.

How we behave

Lawful and ethical behaviour is critical to on-going success and is required. Creative Impact communications ensures that our behaviour is ethical and supports the reputation of the company. Apart from being honest, reliable and respecting people, company’s code of conduct can be summarized in a few simple principles.

Respect for our customers: We listen to our customers and integrate with them to meet their needs and trying exceeding their expectations.

Respect for our colleagues: We develop highly efficient and motivated team by fostering a safe workplace that values human dignity, respect and teamwork.

Respect for our company: We are accountable for how our actions influence on the company image.

Respect for our communities: We believe in supporting communities where we live and do business and act as a responsible citizen.