Consumer PR

PR is about reputation- the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Positive reputation is one of the main intangible assets an organization has, enabling it to compete and succeed in the market place, because the loss of reputation can leave serious and unpleasant impact on an organization. Therefore, PR is the management process which helps build and enhance corporate reputation and also support and influence opinions and behavior of consumers. In addition, PR is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill between the organization and its public, also it`s about companies making friends and influencing behavior. Hence, it is vitally important to integrate an effective PR strategy that compliments and align with other communication channels. Following are the benefits of effective PR campaigns:

  • Help build a positive reputation amongst stakeholders.
  • Contribute towards changing attitude and perceptive and ultimately behavior
  • Educate stakeholder about the organization and its products and services
  • Gaining information about stakeholder and your competitors which will help overall approach to marketing
  • Encourage debate and discussing about issues affecting the organization and its sector

We believe that in current business environment the challenge before organizations is to understand how it is perceived in the wider world, and then work hard to make sure, through PR, that those perceptions match its desired image. By thoroughly researching and identifying your stakeholder likes, dislikes and motives, we place PR strategies at the centre of the marketing mix. Once campaign has started we constantly monitor and asses its macro and micro impact to insure that your business receive the results that it requires.
From our UK, India and Dubai base we offer comprehensive digital and traditional public relations services. Our qualified, experienced, down to earth and international exposed team delivers exceptional results with strategic PR campaigns that compliment other marketing functions as well, if we sound like the kind of partner you are looking for than contact us today.

Service List

  • Strategic campaign planning and implementation
  • Digital PR and social media
  • Preparation of brand crises and issue management
  • PR survey and news creation
  • Media relations
  • Reputation and stakeholder audit & management
  • Product launches and celebrity endorsement
  • Copywriting
  • Preparation of Corporate social responsibility strategies
  • Photography and video content