Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate form of marketing communications. It is commission based arrangements where merchant only pays when they make the sale or gets a lead; therefore it hasn’t got anything to lose except driving more volume to business in a range of sectors, provided it is done efficiently. Sectors such as banks, travel and online retailors get more than their 10% revenue generation from well-run affiliate programs.

Questions remain for marketers to choose right form of affiliate programme as often different programs lead people to get confused.

Affiliate marketing offers following benefits for businesses.

  • Help gaining more visibility in the paid and natural search listing of the search engine results
  • Reaching new audience
  • Help brand to generate awareness, if company is not very well known then it certainly leave huge amount of positive influence in search ranking.
  • Cost of campaign is controllable and measurable so that everything becomes crystal clear for both marketers and businesses.

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