Strategic Marketing Planning & Implementation

Marketing is about exchanging processes, i.e. identifying what potential customers needs and desires are or what they are likely to want in the future, and often offering them something that will fulfill those needs and desires. In other words, businesses offer them something that they value and in return they offer something businesses value, that is loyalty and money. Most organisations are here in business to make money, winning customers hearts and minds, profits and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that marketing functions has to be properly planned, managed and controlled. There are a number of factors come into play that tend to influence the way in which organisations do business and make their decisions, and the ways in which customers, competitors, technologies and regulations leave enormous amount of impact on both organisations and consumers.

Following are the integral components of an effective communication strategy:

An objective:

The most important component of a communication strategy is not only the strategy but also an objective to achieve desired results. Therefore, we ensure and invest time in getting the objective for communication right for clients.

A Budget:

How much should be spent on communication? Is vitally important aspect of all strategies. We at Creative ensure that your budget matches your ambition and vice versa.


We believe that its imperative identifying target segment with whom the brand needs a dialogue, thereon both qualitative and quantitative research is conducted to understand the target audience.

A Guiding idea:

We believe that communication strategy should have an idea at its heart that appeal to consumers and it should not just be an advertising idea, because consumers will only pay attention with an idea that they can`t resist.

Channel choice

As marketing and advertising landscape continue to evolve radically and rapidly. Therefore, we believe that it`s imperative in deciding which channels to choose to run campaign, because there is lots of available media doesn`t mean that need to be integrated with communication strategy.


It`s vitally important to integrate effective and viable media channels, each channel have a specific role to play in achieving the overall objective and each one should complement each other.


In the end, it is one of the underdeveloped areas of communication strategy. Research suggests that 80% of clients and agencies agree that it is very difficult to measure the total effect of communication. However, we assure our clients and customers that our measurement analysis offer significantly clear picture as to what extent we managed to achieve objectives which were set in early stage.

Service List

  • Strategic planning and strategy
  • Customer relationship marketing
  • Integrated marketing
  • Situation analysis
  • Marketing research
  • Media planning and buying
  • Analyzing consumer behavior and Identifying buying decision process

A holistic communication strategy is something of a holy grail in marketing as it assures greater effectiveness. The purpose of all marketing communications is to provide products or company information to your target customers in a way that encourage a positive buying behavior. Our approach to creating marketing strategies is to gain as much insight as possible in preliminary stage before targeting right segmentation and customers.